Age of Civilizations Amer Lite Customer Reviews:


Good game

Very challenging to play. I would recommend this game if you like to play risk.

Screens too dark

Great game

Reminds me of a game that I used to play on facebook, was called "attack" but they had a multi-player with 6-7 opponents, wish this option would be here. Thank you to the developer, now days it's very rare for a game to be free and no permission required. Bravo!!!

Love it but somethings wrong.

Sometimes while I'm playing my game will freeze and crash. When I come back I'm basically sent back to the beginning of my game. Also I wish I could play as my people the Cherokee.

Its not complete country

Could anyone tell me how to make the full that there is a north america and many more


To confusing

Not bad, diplo system needs tweaking

خوب است

شماهم دان کنید

I can't play it :(

Stops a 4 percent plz fix


It's very lite...make the full version free !

Make it Free


تازه است

To much money

I love the whole set!

Good game

This is for people who like strategy game. It good for beginner

Fun game

Really addictive. Had fun all day playing just cantstoo


Canot enter the game

Doesn't load

Stays at 4%


They make u buy the whole thing...i cant play my country


I would love to play this game, but IT WON'T START

Please make Quebec its own Nation.

I love this , but please , please make Quebec a country as well.

Doesn't install

Why I just want to play as Canada. Why will he ever be noticed?

2 Years of playing

Best game ever I've been playing all of these games and I finished every one keep up the good work


Whenever I get bored, I can always know that this app has my back and it really gets my boredom out of me. I just like it

It doesn't work!

Whenever I click on the game to play it there is a white screen which doesn't let me go to my home page or turn my tablet off for ten minutes. I really like the other games and this is really annoying me

Will not load

I have tryed everything but it will not load europe worked but not america doesnt


You should an option for the player to create and build there own civilization and also add new race like the alien and the gods civilization

It great

Its so simplistic

Pretty good

But it could be better I still don't know how to play the civil war mode or something

Its good

Its a great addition to the series, but I can't play as CSA which is frustrating. And same with Mexico on up I can't play as them or anyone! Please fix!


Please add america I dont want have to buy the full version

Doesn't load!!

I don't know what happened!! I used to play these civilzation games and it didn't load!?



I played the europe version and it was awesome. But the game never loads. It goes to 4% and then stops

This game rules


Maybe you can add the USA and North America to the free version. Or all of South America.


I have played every game they made like this and have fallen in love with them all!! I wish the diplomatic part of the game was a tad better but I play it all the time :) if its in euro or aisia :>


I won on normal mode and the map didn't expand please make it so you can play in north and south america. When I try to change the map it says out of memory.please fix

More options.

I wish you could make your country's colour be a flag like in the picture, maybe add names over top of them too. But still worth 4* and the money